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JACL - Adventure Creation Language
JACL is an interpreted computer language for writing text adventure games or interactive fiction. It is easy to learn and comes with an extensive library of game verbs that will allow you to create the beginnings of your first game quickly and easily.

JACL is an interpreted language, so once you have written your games they can be run without modification on any platform that has a JACL interpreter. The JACL interpreter uses the Glk API to talk to its user interface which allows it to be compiled with many different Glk implementations on many different operating systems.

Although interactive fiction is primarily a text-based medium, many of these Glk interfaces allow you to also fill your games with pictures and sound.

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The author has provided a nice tutorial, which shows how to create a sample game step by step. It can be viewed here:
Tutorial Game
JACL is available as a zip file for Microsoft Windows and tar file for Unix operating systems. Using a variety of Glk libraries, JACL has cross-platform support for graphics and sound in the desktop environment. JACL also includes an integrated Web server for easy testing of Web-based games.
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