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gFTP 2.0.19
gFTP is a popular free, multithreaded file transfer client software for Linux and other *NIX based machines.
Size: 1.7 MB - Software License: GPL
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Kasablanca is an ftp client for Linux, written in c++, using the KDE libraries. Its features are currently encryption support, fxp, site bookmarks, and queued transfers.
Size: 684 KB - Software License: GPL
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IglooFTP PRO 1.2.5
IglooFTP PRO is a proprietary ftp client software for Linux. It supports FTP over SSL, TLS, and SRP as well as MD4/MD5 and SHA1 encrypted passwords.
Size: 632 KB - Software License: Own License
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FtpCube 0.5.1
FtpCube is a graphical Linux (S)FTP client written in Python, using the wxPython graphical tookit.
Size: 134 KB - Software License: Artistic License
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KFTPGrabber 0.8.1
KFTPgrabber is a graphical FTP client for the K Desktop Environment. It implements many features required for usable FTP interaction.
Size: 1.3 MB - Software License: GPL
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FileZilla is a superb FTP client and server for Linux. It is open source software distributed free of charge under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
Size: 4.6 MB - Software License: GPL
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Wput is a command-line ftp-client software for Linux that looks like wget but instead of downloading, uploads files or whole directories to remote ftp-servers.
Size: 369 KB - Software License: GPL
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