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Epiphany 2.28.2
Epiphany is the web browser for the GNOME desktop. Its goal is to be simple and easy to use.
Size: 5.4 MB - Software License: GPL
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Amaya 11.3.1
Amaya is a web editor, i.e. software used to create and update documents directly on the Web.
Size: 33.4 MB - Software License: W3C
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Mozilla_Firefox 3.6.3
Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers, not only for Linux but also for other OS's; it is an offspring of the Mozilla browser.
Size: 9.2 MB - Software License: MPL+GPL+LGPL
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Opera 10.10
Opera is one of the oldest web browsers on the planet. It used to be available for Windows only but has since been ported to many other operating systems like Linux.
Size: 9.4 MB - Software License: ?
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Konqueror 4.4.2
Konqueror is a free web browser software for KDE with HTML 4.01 compliance, supporting Java applets, JavaScript, CSS 1, CSS 2.1, and Netscape plugins.
Size: Depends - Software License: GPL
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NetSurf 2.1
NetSurf is a lightweight web browser for Linux written in C. NetSurf has its own layout and rendering engine entirely written from scratch. It is free software.
Size: 1.4 MB - Software License: GPL
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Dillo 2.2
Dillo is a multi-platform graphical web browser known for its speed and small footprint. It is the default browser for some Linux distributions because of its small size.
Size: 599 KB - Software License: GPL
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Flock is a free web browser. As a software that is built on Mozilla's Firefox, Flock enables you to instantly upload photos, share photos and videos.
Deluge 1.1.9 Flock 2.5.6
Size: 1.4 MB - Software License: GPL / LGPL + MPL
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GNU_IceCat 3.6.3
GNU IceCat is the GNU version of the Firefox browser. Its main advantage is an ethical one: it is entirely free software.
Size: 11 MB - Software License:GPL + LGPL + MPL
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SeaMonkey 2.0.3
Web-browser, advanced e-mail, newsgroup and feed client, IRC chat, and HTML editing made simple -- all your Internet needs in one application.
Size: 15 MB - Software License: GPL + LGPL + MPL
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Midori 0.2.1
Midori is a lighweight web browser for Linux that uses the WebKit layout engine for displaying web pages and GTK+ as its GUI toolkit.
Size: 531 KB - Software License: GPL
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Arora 0.10.2
Arora is a lightweight and free cross-platform web browser. Arora runs on any platform supported by the Qt Software toolkit.
Size: 1.0 MB - Software License: GPL
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